Monday, January 26, 2009



(wait for it, about halfway through)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Got this from my boy Mos the other day. Grind Mode 09.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Yancey Boys

Cut off Illa J's album Yancey Boys, featuring Guilty Simpson. If ya ain't heard, it's Dilla's bruva, and he's got somewhat of a similar voice. The whole album's produced by Dilla, so judging by that fact, and this track, it's probably worth getting.

PLAYTIME HUSTLE EDIT: Not to swag jack/side bust DJMATTSCHADS post, but the album is totally dope, and you can stream it all for free right here. But for real, still go buy it. Dilla's family needs the money.

Not so weekly slang

All right. First, I apologize for not keeping the slang weekly. I won't name names, but the ball was dropped on that one.

At any rate, today's slang is "BLT'd"

usage: "Man, I got BLT'd by this girl last night. It was miserable"

origin and definition: About two months ago, Sausage Party and I were chillin and watching some cartoons. During a commercial break, an advertisement for the SONIC BLT sandwich appeared.

Now, I've never been a fan of the BLT, and let me tell you why. There's just not enough meat (no homo). You eat one, and by the end of it, you're unsatisfied. It's like it just whetted your appetite and you want more.

Chances are though, you we're high, you bought the one sandwich, and took off. Then, about half way back home, you
realize you fucked up, and in my experience, become upset. Its not a very pleasant situation.

Imagine that situation now, except the BLT is a girl instead of a sandwich, and you not getting laid when you thought you we're going to is the not enough meat part.

Imagine trying to do the sex hand, being stopped, and informed that not only are you getting nothing, but that she's a virgin.

Bummer man.

Anyways, after we conversed over the downfalls of the BLT and came up with our slang, we realized we had both been BLT'd the night before. I heard Jimbreezy got BLT'd that night too.

Must have been Boom Kids fate.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

its been a long time comin

Been bumpin this lately. It's such a shame that Kanye is in the ward.

epic "help yerself" post to cum.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday DFI

Made this for the Don't Fight It anniversary down in Houston. Ya'll should go if your around.

Real Talk

Its MLK day. 

No history lessons, no lectures, no quotes. Just this. 

So much respect and admiration. If people could be a fraction of the man he was, the world would probably be way dope. Think about it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009



Best house show in awhile musically/atmosphere. Lots of fun. Then stupid people decided that starting a fight would be more fun. They were wrong. Jimbreezy's fist went through a window. Retribution for this insult is in the planning stages.


So, we found a new spot down south. Its sort of like an abandoned water park slide or something. Not a lot of things to do skate wise aside from bomb the hell out of it (you go super fast. just don't fall). There's a nice corner to hit too. Transition is a little gnarly, but if you can skate that, you can skate anything. Here some flicks. Thats #1 Stunna Will airing the gap at the bottom of the run.


Four story neon apt parties downtown are sort of crazy, but still fun I guess. There were a lot of douchebags and high school kids, and I wasn't thizzing, so I suppose it could have been better. Here's a little skate crew photo op.

The Blue House also had a good party, but the same idiots that have been fighting at the last few parties decided to make another installment into their chronicles of asininity (See previous
fight night post). Look at poor Annie holding onto that fool's arm.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

pimp c interview


a 3 part interview detailing the rise to fame of Pimp C and UGK. real tight

read here.

Rawest Movie 2K9

So, its only January.

Nonetheless, we saw the Rawest flick of 2K9 tonight: My Bloody Valentine.

Loads of blood, lots of gore, and an incredibly cheeeeezzzyyy plot to follow. Aside from some 3-D Ta-Tas (they're were some 2-D stunners), it had it all. The soap opera feel was dope, the twists predictable, and the acting horrible.

Also, I got to take home some new shades.

Mang. Someone nominate this shit for some Oscar.

Friday, January 16, 2009

DJ Mike Nice - Brooklyn Bullshit MIXTAPE

some raw shit. biggie and jay-z rarities galore.

peep the track listing and snag it here.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

fluids leaking

Here's a track of lyrical deliciousness from the newest installment by DOOM.

The title of the track is "Ballskin" so i knew i would love it right off the bat.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

On that '09 shit

Are you hood if (Volume 1)

Are you hood if you listen to a Canadian rapper that used to be a children's show called Degrassi? Granted, the aforementioned show features mad bitches with prominent donk pooches (ya dig) but it's geared towards an audience that just recently got their moufs off their momma's boobs and on to models with moufs with motivation*.

Drake is duke's name and he's pretty dope. He has been co-signed by Weezy and has penned a few verses for the 0ft-delayed/maybe never coming out DETOX album. His mixtape material is pretty good; in the vein of Trey Songz with the rapping/singing but more of the former rather than the latter.

I question his ability to make the story-telling tracks that every upper echelon rapper needs, but his word-play and punchlines are on point and he can ride any beat (no homo) so he certainly has the tools required to take his brand to the NEXX LEVEL.

Unlike DJ Matt Schad I don't purchase things, so I'd recommend just scouring the net to go through his catalogue. He gets the V-Pud stamp of approval.

Oh and once I find my webcam Imma be uploading some '09 V-Pud shit so be on the lookout.

*that motivate ME

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Murs For President

I went to Best Bizzle last week to cop some albums, only because I was bored as fuck at home and figured I could potentially catch some gems I wouldn't have otherwise heard when searchin the web. Best Buy's got a decent selection of hip hop records surprisingly, so I ended up leavin with 4. I picked up RZA's new bobby digi, digi snacks, and el-p album, Ruste Juxx (cosigned by Sean Price), and this dude named Witchdoctor, from the Dungeon Family.

Sad to say, not one of them kept me interested to keep them in my deck and listen to them in their entirety. Not even RZA's. His shit sounded like he's on mad drugs. His first couple of tracks are somewhat dope, then the rest of them are sloppy beats with shitty ass female sung choruses. There's of course some stuff throughout the album that I felt, but compared to everything in his catalogue this was definitely weak. El-p I respect as a producer, and I really don't even know why I bought this album because I know I hate his rapping. His lyrics are decent, but I think he sounds lame and he's one of those dudes that simply ignores a flow or rhythm to his rap. Ruste Juxx's album was okay, he had a couple bangers on it, like the "speakers on blast back seat real shaky," and that song BUMPS in the whip. But other than that it had decent production, but very simple lyrics and nothing special. And Witchdoctor sucks, period, I ejected that bitch after about 4 tracks.

Normally I have no reason to hate on music, because I don't PAY FOR IT. So I learned the lesson that if I were to buy CD's, I wouldn't buy as many at one time, or throw my money away on random artists instead of spending it on something that deserves my dough.

So yesterday I decided to give it another go round. I figure buying music is either boom or bust so I wanted to see if I could actually cop something decent this time. I ended up getting Murs For President.

I can say I've always been somewhat of a Murs fan, but I was never way into the dude. It was primarily cause of 9th Wonder why I ever listened to him, and his style never really was my cup of tea ya hurt? Maybe it's his voice, or his sometimes basic and overly annunciated flow, I don't know. Anyway, it was someone that I knew was quality, and anything 9th Wonder's on has gotta have some good tracks ya know?

Murs straight up goes unconscious on this album. Some of the tracks are just RETARDED.

I almost had to repeat tracks 2-8 twice before I even got the second half of the album. The production's WAY dope, and Murs's lyrics are even better. And being a producer myself, lyrics aren't even something I pay a lot of attention to, but you can't help but hit rewind multiple times.

Anyway, here's a track from the album, I'm Innocent, produced by 9th.

peep this

Hot new shit from Red Eyezz featuring Rick Ross and Bun-B. Dope Boys Dream.




Goddamn - Big Poppa still my Poppa

I hope he does the part justice. It'd be a shame if he doesn't.

Its 3:30 in the morning, you should all be listening to 'juicy'

Friday, January 9, 2009

More Money, More Cash, More Hoes

The first of many trax

I'm on my remix 09 shit

Thursday, January 8, 2009


So I just finished up my first zine called "WE HAVE GOOD NEWS!!" It's a collection of weird and pretty things I have accumulated over a couple of years.

PLUS It's got a bonus pic of yours truly at prom freshman year cozying up to his wild date. Guaranteed to tickle yer pickle. 2002 BAY-BEE!

There's only 40 of 'em so they'll probably be gone pretty fast. If you want one hit me up.


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Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's the big '09 now and everyone and their dad people feel like they need to have a resolution, mine just so happened to be to learn about a few of my favorite things. i was researching the study habits of small children when i realized that my favorite thing isnt teeny tiny children, its
Burt. Burt Reynolds is one of my favorite things that stays close to my heart. "What makes Burt Reynolds your favorite thing, Travis? Besides his dashing tufts of chest hair delicately strewn about of course"? Well its funny that you ask, me. Burt rules for a number of reasons. Fer one, he has the power to swoon the ladies into a furious storm of passion at the drop of a hat. Second, the all mighty stache that Burt has continued to represent for 80 years and running. i think he came out of the womb with the mustache on his face.

Ha[[y new years.

Everyone likes watching fights

So tonight was a fight night.

We started it out by watching Rambo: First Blood. Totally dope. I had never seen it in its entirety, and now I understand why stallone is cool. It made me want to go maim people.

Then we hit a few parties, one of which was at the vegan co op on 26th and rio grande (west campus is evil, amirite!>?). We're all out front, chillin', grippin' the fohty, and all of sudden a huge fight breaks out.

Apparently someone else was watching Rambo tonight.

People start going off gladiator style, and as the fight moved towards the street, a lot of bystanders get pushed/knocked on their asses.

Fight ends, arguing ensues, still in the middle of the street. Ten minutes goes by, still in the middle of the street. As a result TABC decides to dip by. They end up arresting at least one person (we left right after, so they could have been passing out tickets hard..) who was not just a girl, but a super cute girl. I felt bad.

Nevertheless, in the pursuit of journalistic truth, I still managed to bring you these jewels.

Hope your night was better than theirs.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Intro

It's the young V-Pud on his '09 shit; ballin like Ben Franklin with bifocals ya dig. I am going to give you a synopsis of the myriad of topics you can expect a young stunna to bless you with:

Grind Mode


Manu Ginobili


Calvin Coolidge

Why grammar is overrated

Onion Booties

Matt Damon (no homo)

'09 is going to be the year I start making moves - holla. Troof wit Tolan comin' soon.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New years 2k9

On new years we:

Saw old crew
Hung with new crew
Got joosed or rode the night train
Got manstamped
Dance party with titties wild
booku blunts
boy party

our men, MattHines & LeonRhymes
manstamped at JIMBREEZY'S
retarded dancing
homo Trolan, first of many boy parties 2k9

(get ready for Troof Wif Tolan, coming soon)