Sunday, January 11, 2009

Murs For President

I went to Best Bizzle last week to cop some albums, only because I was bored as fuck at home and figured I could potentially catch some gems I wouldn't have otherwise heard when searchin the web. Best Buy's got a decent selection of hip hop records surprisingly, so I ended up leavin with 4. I picked up RZA's new bobby digi, digi snacks, and el-p album, Ruste Juxx (cosigned by Sean Price), and this dude named Witchdoctor, from the Dungeon Family.

Sad to say, not one of them kept me interested to keep them in my deck and listen to them in their entirety. Not even RZA's. His shit sounded like he's on mad drugs. His first couple of tracks are somewhat dope, then the rest of them are sloppy beats with shitty ass female sung choruses. There's of course some stuff throughout the album that I felt, but compared to everything in his catalogue this was definitely weak. El-p I respect as a producer, and I really don't even know why I bought this album because I know I hate his rapping. His lyrics are decent, but I think he sounds lame and he's one of those dudes that simply ignores a flow or rhythm to his rap. Ruste Juxx's album was okay, he had a couple bangers on it, like the "speakers on blast back seat real shaky," and that song BUMPS in the whip. But other than that it had decent production, but very simple lyrics and nothing special. And Witchdoctor sucks, period, I ejected that bitch after about 4 tracks.

Normally I have no reason to hate on music, because I don't PAY FOR IT. So I learned the lesson that if I were to buy CD's, I wouldn't buy as many at one time, or throw my money away on random artists instead of spending it on something that deserves my dough.

So yesterday I decided to give it another go round. I figure buying music is either boom or bust so I wanted to see if I could actually cop something decent this time. I ended up getting Murs For President.

I can say I've always been somewhat of a Murs fan, but I was never way into the dude. It was primarily cause of 9th Wonder why I ever listened to him, and his style never really was my cup of tea ya hurt? Maybe it's his voice, or his sometimes basic and overly annunciated flow, I don't know. Anyway, it was someone that I knew was quality, and anything 9th Wonder's on has gotta have some good tracks ya know?

Murs straight up goes unconscious on this album. Some of the tracks are just RETARDED.

I almost had to repeat tracks 2-8 twice before I even got the second half of the album. The production's WAY dope, and Murs's lyrics are even better. And being a producer myself, lyrics aren't even something I pay a lot of attention to, but you can't help but hit rewind multiple times.

Anyway, here's a track from the album, I'm Innocent, produced by 9th.

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