Monday, January 12, 2009

Are you hood if (Volume 1)

Are you hood if you listen to a Canadian rapper that used to be a children's show called Degrassi? Granted, the aforementioned show features mad bitches with prominent donk pooches (ya dig) but it's geared towards an audience that just recently got their moufs off their momma's boobs and on to models with moufs with motivation*.

Drake is duke's name and he's pretty dope. He has been co-signed by Weezy and has penned a few verses for the 0ft-delayed/maybe never coming out DETOX album. His mixtape material is pretty good; in the vein of Trey Songz with the rapping/singing but more of the former rather than the latter.

I question his ability to make the story-telling tracks that every upper echelon rapper needs, but his word-play and punchlines are on point and he can ride any beat (no homo) so he certainly has the tools required to take his brand to the NEXX LEVEL.

Unlike DJ Matt Schad I don't purchase things, so I'd recommend just scouring the net to go through his catalogue. He gets the V-Pud stamp of approval.

Oh and once I find my webcam Imma be uploading some '09 V-Pud shit so be on the lookout.

*that motivate ME

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