Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's the big '09 now and everyone and their dad people feel like they need to have a resolution, mine just so happened to be to learn about a few of my favorite things. i was researching the study habits of small children when i realized that my favorite thing isnt teeny tiny children, its
Burt. Burt Reynolds is one of my favorite things that stays close to my heart. "What makes Burt Reynolds your favorite thing, Travis? Besides his dashing tufts of chest hair delicately strewn about of course"? Well its funny that you ask, me. Burt rules for a number of reasons. Fer one, he has the power to swoon the ladies into a furious storm of passion at the drop of a hat. Second, the all mighty stache that Burt has continued to represent for 80 years and running. i think he came out of the womb with the mustache on his face.

Ha[[y new years.

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