Sunday, January 4, 2009

Everyone likes watching fights

So tonight was a fight night.

We started it out by watching Rambo: First Blood. Totally dope. I had never seen it in its entirety, and now I understand why stallone is cool. It made me want to go maim people.

Then we hit a few parties, one of which was at the vegan co op on 26th and rio grande (west campus is evil, amirite!>?). We're all out front, chillin', grippin' the fohty, and all of sudden a huge fight breaks out.

Apparently someone else was watching Rambo tonight.

People start going off gladiator style, and as the fight moved towards the street, a lot of bystanders get pushed/knocked on their asses.

Fight ends, arguing ensues, still in the middle of the street. Ten minutes goes by, still in the middle of the street. As a result TABC decides to dip by. They end up arresting at least one person (we left right after, so they could have been passing out tickets hard..) who was not just a girl, but a super cute girl. I felt bad.

Nevertheless, in the pursuit of journalistic truth, I still managed to bring you these jewels.

Hope your night was better than theirs.

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